Own manufacturer
Delivery 3-4 working days
2 year factory warranty
+30.000 mats in stock

Plastic ground protection mats

1500x1000x15 mm

  • carrying capacity: 5 tons
  • anti-slip: double-sided (fine)
from € 47,-
Directly available

1500x1000x15 mm

from € 49,-
Directly available

2000x800x15 mm

  • carrying capacity: 5 tons
  • anti-slip: double-sided (fine)
from € 48,-
Directly available

2000x1000x15 mm

  • carrying capacity: 15 tons
  • anti-slip: double-sided (fine)
from € 63,-
Directly available

2000x1000x15 mm

from € 65,-
Directly available

2000x1000x20 mm

  • carrying capacity: 30 tons
  • anti-slip: double-sided (fine)
from € 86,-
Directly available
Own manufacturer
Delivery 3-4 working days
2 year factory warranty
+30.000 mats in stock

3000x500x15 mm

  • carrying capacity: 10 tons
  • anti-slip: Single sided checker plate
from € 45,-
Directly available

3000x750x15 mm

  • carrying capacity: 15 tons
  • anti-slip: double-sided (fine)
from € 67,-
Directly available

3000x1000x13 mm

from € 70,-
Directly available

3000x1000x15 mm

  • carrying capacity: 45 tons
  • anti-slip: single-sided checker plate pattern
from € 80,-
Directly available

3000x1000x20 mm

  • carrying capacity: 60 tons
  • anti-slip: single-sided checker plate pattern
from € 100,-
Directly available

2400x900x15 mm

from € 75,-
Directly available

2400x1200x15 mm

  • carrying capacity: 50 tons
  • anti-slip: double-sided (coarse + fine)
from € 87,-
Directly available

2400x1200x20 mm

  • carrying capacity: 70 tons
  • anti-slip: double-sided (coarse + fine)
from € 112,-
Directly available

2400x1200x12 mm

  • carrying capacity: 80 tons
  • anti-slip: double-sided (coarse + fine)
from € 133,-
Directly available

2400x1200x12 mm

from € 187,-
Directly available


Stacking box

Convenient storage box

Store your ground mats in an orderly fashion. Also handy to move with the forklift.

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Quickly attach your ground mats

2-way connectors to attach your road plates to each other via handles.

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Engrave company name

Ground mats with company name

Personalize your road plates with your company name. Free advertising and safe against theft!

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About plastic ground protection mats

What are plastic ground protection mats?


Plastic ground protection mats are an ideal solution for the temporary pavement of construction site roads, lawns, roadworks, events, demolition work, landscaping projects, etc. Plastic road plates protect sensitive surfaces (like lawns, cobblestone driveways) and prevent vehicles from getting stuck in the mud.


Advantages of plastic ground protection mats
  • Practical, light and extremely solid!
  • Flexible, they adjust to the surface
  • High wear-resistant plates with a long service life
  • Fracture- and impact-resistant
  • Rust- and rot-proof (no rusty water on e.g. cobblestones) 
  • Easy to clean
  • Frost-proof
  • UV resistant
  • 2, 4 or 6 handgrips for easy placement
  • No need to use trucks or cranes for delivery and placement
  • No damage to your lawn, no tyre or caterpillar tracks
Advantages of plastic ground proctection mats in comparison with steel road plates
  • Much lighter than steel road plates: can even be placed by 1 person
  • No sharp, upright edges (i.e. no scratches on e.g. cobblestones, no damage to tyres)
  • Sound-insulating!
  • No possible roller costs
  • Easy to transport by means of e.g. a trailer wagon
  • Low delivery charges from and to the construction site due to its relatively low weight
  • Acid- and chemical-resistant
Why you should choose InduPlates®

We manage the production of the InduPlates® ground protection mats ourselves, which means that you buy 'directly' from the manufacturer, not from dealers. Our plastic ground protection mats guarantee 100% quality: each mat is INDIVIDUALLY tested on strength after production!

Our ground protection mats are made of high-strength, recycled polyethylene. They are very solid, and unbreakable, even with extremely cold temperatures!

We always have some hundred plates of each of our models in stock. This allows a VERY FAST delivery.

Induplates and the environment

InduPlates plastic ground protection mats are made of 100% recycled polyethylene (PE) and therefore contribute to a better & greener world!
So by buying our mats you help reduce the global mountain of waste!

InduPlates ground protection mats contribute to a better world: We use 100% recycled polyethylene (PE) for the production of our mats, so no new raw materials! You undoubtedly know this type of plastic from empty packaging such as bottles of shampoo, shower gel, detergent cans, jerry cans, agricultural foil, shopping bags, etc. And it is exactly this type of "waste" that we give a new life! This means, in a nice word, that we are part of the 'circular economy'.

The bottom line is that we don't let raw materials go to waste but recycle them 100% and give them a new life, so we don't have to use new raw materials, which of course has a very good impact on the environment:

  • Great energy savings, so less global warming
  • Avoidance of harmful substances (i.e. when burning plastic)
  • Improve air quality

Recyclageproces kunststof rijplaten

Who uses our plastic ground protection mats?
  • Landscape gardeners and architects
  • Swimming pool builders
  • Building contractors
  • Excavation workers
  • Road construction workers
  • Event organizers
  • Rental companies for cherry pickers and scaffolding services
  • Municipalities
  • Private persons

Why InduPlates?

  • European market leader
  • + 200,000 ground protection mats sold
  • Delivery 3-4 business days
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Order online 24/7
  • Directly from the manufacturer
  • Belgian company
  • Delivery throughout the EU